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Ginger Soup for $1.93

I make this ginger soup every single week. My family loves it and I love the health benefits that it offers them! Not to mention- at $1.93/bowl, it is perfect for large families or meal prepping! You can easily cut the batch in half too if you prefer. My recipe card in this post will adjust all of the ingredients to however many servings works for you.

The Budget Breakdown

Ginger Soup Cost

Below I’ve attached a glimpse into my spreadsheet that I use to meal plan and budget with every week. This is my full budget breakdown but you can also use this as your grocery list.

Here’s the budget breakdown for my Ginger Soup in you prefer it written out:

0.5 oz Fresh Ginger Root – $0.10

0.5 oz Fresh Turmeric Root – $0.25

3 Fresh Garlic Cloves – $0.16

1 Can (13.5oz) Full Fat (unsweetened) Coconut Milk – $2.55

32 oz Bone Broth – $4.10

1 Medium Red Onion – $0.93

1 lb Boneless Chicken Thighs – $2.98

Total Cost: $11.56

Cost Per Serving: $1.93

Healthy Ginger Soup

Healthy Ginger Soup

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We make this ginger turmeric soup at least once a week in my house. My family loves it and I love the health benefits that it offers them! The key ingredient here is the cilantro – we add it to the soup and garnish each bowl with it.

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  • 1 tbsp Fresh Ginger Root (minced)

  • 1 tbsp Fresh Turmeric Root (minced)

  • 3 Cloves Fresh Garlic (minced)

  • 13.5 oz Full Fat Coconut Milk (unsweetened)

  • 32 oz Bone Broth

  • 1 Medium Thinly Sliced Red Onion

  • 1 lb Cooked Boneless Chicken Thighs

  • 1 Bunch Fresh Cilantro

  • On-Hand Ingredients (These are ingredients that I don’t usually need to add to a grocery list but will still be used in this recipe)
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil

  • To Taste Salt


  • Start this soup by sautéing the fresh garlic, turmeric, ginger, and sliced onions with olive oil in a large pot until soft.
  • Add in the coconut milk and let simmer until the solids turn into liquid.
  • Add in the bone broth.
  • Add the cooked chicken. You can shred it first or cut it into cubes for this soup.
  • Lastly, add chopped cilantro and salt to taste. If desired, top with fresh cilantro and serve immediatly.


  • I like to use leftover chicken for this recipe when I have it. You can cook the chicken however you prefer but this soup works especially well with baked or boiled chicken.
  • Serve as-is for a keto friendly dinner option. If you want to add in a carb source, the broth of this soup pairs so well with fresh bread.
  • Wild Rice or Orzo Pasta also goes well in this soup but will thicken it up significantly.
  • You can sub the fresh ginger and fresh turmeric for powdered spices in you desire. Adjust the ginger amount to 1/4 tsp and turmeric amount to 1/2 tsp if you choose dry spices.

Ginger Soup Suggested Pairings

I love to serve this soup with fresh bread to add some carbs. I have also added orzo pasta and wild rice when I didn’t have bread on hand.

Leave out the bread or added carbs for a keto-friendly dinner. The coconut milk will provide the bulk of the calories to this meal and the dark meat chicken adds protein.

If you love healthy budget friendly recipes, be sure to check out my Street Tacos Recipe too!



Can I use dry ginger instead of fresh?

Yes; but you will need to adjust the measurements. If you use dry ginger for this soup, use 1/4 tsp instead of the 1 tbsp that the recipe calls for. I prefer fresh ginger for the flavor and nutrition value in this soup but I have used dried ginger in it’s place when I am unable to find fresh at the grocery store.

Can I use dry turmeric instead of fresh?

Yes; again, you will want to adjust the measurements if you choose to use dried turmeric vs fresh. Instead of the 1 tbsp of fresh turmeric, opt for 1/2 tsp of dried turmeric.