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These drink recipes are some of my tried and true favorites. I love a good margarita, mocktail, or flavored coffee. You will find recipes for those here in addition to special occasion drinks like my 4th of July slushy or my Christmas Grinch Punch.

raspberry leaf tea recipes
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How to Make Raspberry Leaf Tea Taste Better

Here are 5 new and unique ideas for how to make red raspberry leaf tea taste better! Let me guess – you’re in your third trimester and have been given the green light to start drinking raspberry leaf tea but were shocked the moment you took that first sip and […]

Grapefruit Mocktail Recipe
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Citrus Mint Winter Mocktail

Whether you are participating in Dry January, Damp January, or you prefer Mocktails year-around, I am sure that this Citrus Mint Winter Mocktail will quickly become one of your favorites.